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BP-B4169   Animal Print Jacket
SJ-JS4484GAQ   Aqua & Gold Chain Wrap Necklace
SJ-JS4484GAQ1   Aqua & Gold Drop Earrings
W-D8819   Black & White Shift Dress
W-D01135   Black Pencil Dress
GS-NE62367-001   Black/Grey/Hammered Gold Metal Necklace
SJ-100   Browns Leather Look Oval Necklace
SJ-45477001   Celtic Cross/Clover Earrings
SJ-4547700   Celtic Cross/Clover Necklace
Y-YAHAPB-5741   Chain Link Belt
SJ-47045601   Chandelier Style Gold & Milky White Earrings
SJ-4704560   Chandelier Style Gold & Milky White Necklace
GS-AA57504-010   Coral & Gold Paved Braclet
GS-NN49165-006   Coral & Silver Clover Disk Necklace
W-D2025   Coral Hi-Low Maxi
SJ-js372GWT   Cream & Gold Chain Necklace
SJ-102   Cream Oval Disc Earrings
SJ-101   Cream Oval Disc Necklace
SJ-js372GWT1   Cream Oval Earrings
SJ-103   Dark Brown Leather-like Oval Disc Earrings
F-4783   Floral V-neck Peplum
BP-B4343   Flutter Back Sweater
GS-NE62367-002   Gold Hammered Earrings
GS-AA57504-011   Mint & Gold Paved Braclet
SJ-153127001   Mother of Pearl & Crystal Earrings
SJ-15312700   Mother Of Pearl & Lavender Statement Necklace
YAHAA-SW5624-(5684-7)   Paisley Print Dress with Belt
F-5471   Pleated Skirt
SJ-JS1998T1   Silver & Gold Hammered Chain Earrings
SJ-JS1998T12   Silver & Gold Hammered Chain Earrings
SJ-JS1998T   Silver & Gold Hammered Chain Necklace
GS-NN51411-001   Silver Chain Necklace
W-D4078   Snake Print Maxi
YAHAPB-5707   Snake Skin Belt
SJ-25067001   Sophisticated Light & Emerald Green Crystal Earrings
SJ-3957110003   Sophisticated Light & Emerald Green Necklace
SJ-2506700   Sparkling Pink & Graphite Crystal Earrings
SJ-25067002   Sparkling Pink & Graphite Crystal Necklace
Y-YAHA-T1610(M-D1610)   Suede Hi-Lo Dress
1446-ivory   Vest/Sleeveless Jacket
SJ-39571100   White & Gold Circle Disc Necklace
SJ-FS0544GDIVY   White Teardrop Earrings
SJ-FS0544GDIVY1   White Teardrop Necklace

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